Welcome to Party Tales!
Party Tales is an up-and-coming visual novel multiplayer platform that lets you have the adventure of narrative driven gameplay while sharing that story with your friends. With a diverse and ever-growing set of adventures, artists and authors are here to tell you their stories in fun new ways. Featured below are details on our multiplayer functionality alongside our gallery of visual novels to traverse!

As a multiplayer visual novel platform, we promise you not only top-notch stories to enjoy, but the wide-scale availability of multiplayer functions.
You may be wondering how multiplayer will work with a visual novel, and our answer is: vote progression. When playing Party Tales you'll have the option to vote on your choice of interactions, and the highest vote will be locked in. From there the story will advance. You can also play solo and go through all the different scenarios and endings to your heart's content like a traditional visual novel. The choice is yours!
Party Tales will have a multi-genre gallery of visual novels to play through. There are going to be sci-fi stories like the fairytale-inspired Once Upon an Electric Dream, heart-breaking comedies like My Sweet Confession, and classic adventures such as Deal with a Dragon: A Royal Escape. Our games are brought to life by authors and artists from all walks of life, and we hope to bring a story for everyone.

Party Tales is an on-going project of ours, and we will keep you updated throughout the development. Know that images of our lobbies and voting mechanic examples may change as we make improvements. This is to provide you with the best game possible.

All great adventures start with a party, and we can’t wait for you to be part of ours.

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