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Welcome to our first official developer's blog! We have some crucial information on Party Tales to share with you, including our upcoming visual novel, Once Upon an Electric Dream!

A New Adventure

once upon an electric dream

Once Upon an Electric Dream is one of our main visual novels for launch here at Party Tales. It comes with a unique art style, voice acting, and a variety of endings our adventurers can experience. 

The story is a science fiction spin on the classic Sleeping Beauty fairy-tale, written by Chouette, with art done by Dara.


This visual novel follows the protagonist Princess Rosavel of Terria, also known as "the desert rose." Considering the climate of her home country and her regal status, we wanted to conceptualize this combination in her flowy red and gold  attire. This not only speaks volumes to her royal name but also her environment.


Putting together any visual novel takes many steps in the writing and art development, and it is no different for Once Upon an Electric Dream. Taking a basic hallway and turning it into a magical overgrown fantasy started with a 3D blockout, basic linework over the shapes, then adding in the final details. 

Real-Time Communication and UI

We know here at Party Tales that a functioning and visually pleasing UI can make the game all more enjoyable. That's why we have been working to create a clean, fun, and informative UI for all our stories, the chat, and voting system. 

Since you can party up and enjoy our stories with your friends, communication is also a key element we want to emphasize for Party Tales . The lobbies here at Party Tales have been designed to house up to 10,000 players; meaning we have a long-term solution to make this a reality.

This is so you can enjoy your visual novel adventures with a real-time lobby chat and voting that lets all adventurers progress through the story in an almost perfect sync. 

Lobby Select UI concept and subject to change

Lobby UI concept and subject to change

Voice Acting Applications

Party Tales has received an enormous amount of responses for our voice acting positions! After putting out a tweet, we received over 100 responses. This was well beyond our initial expectation, and we knew it would take quite some time to go through applications and auditions. Up for the challenge, we expedited our reviewing to keep our momentum going! We have selected Julie Park, Kevin Thelwell, Natalie Van Sistine, Phil Avalos, and Xathien to voice the characters in Once Upon an Electric Dream.

We take special care to pick voice actors that not only fit our characters, but embrace the roles. It was truly amazing to receive such a welcoming amount of support. Knowing that talented voice actors around the world wanted to be a part of our visual novels is part of what keeps us going; our community. 

From our visual novel contributors to our players, you are the ones that make Party Tales a reality.

We can't wait to share more with you as Party Tales develops and we release more blogs! Be sure to follow us on our Twitter to see up-to-date teasers, features, and pictures of our dev pets!

Stay tuned and remember, new adventures are on the way!