First Announcement

Hello everyone and welcome to Party Tales!

We’ve been keeping this exciting visual novel project on the down low since 2016, and now we’re ready to reveal it to the world. Bringing you the best quality visual novels we can has been our priority, so we’ve been working hard these past three years to build something we think you’ll find truly extraordinary.

So here we are, world. Come Party up!

For Party Tales we wanted to bring the fun of multiplayer into the visual novel genre. The main focus of our team is creating a game that can be played by a single person or a large group. We do this with one important key feature: voting upon story progression. The popular vote will advance the story in the direction of one of many alternate endings.

With lobbies that can hold up to 10,000 players at a time, you can customize your multiplayer experience with things like passwords, vote duration, and in-game chat. Create a small lobby with your closest friends, a large public lobby, or play solo. The choice is yours.

Story selection with room for many more!
Some scenes from our starter stories.
Our lobby and customizations.

Because Party Tales is designed with collaboration and growth in mind, you can expect a game that will be in constant development. We hope to bring you many new stories including future content from third-party contributors such as yourself. Our community is going to be the backbone of our game, and we want you to feel welcomed and excited for the release.

All great adventures start with a party, and we can’t wait for you to be part of ours.