Snowhaven Announcement

Hello Adventurers!

We’re pleased to announce Snowhaven, the new official visual novel publishing studio for our standalone content. We realized coming into December that Party Tales won’t be making our planned 2019 release despite our best efforts. We want to make Party Tales a great experience, and that means delaying the platform into 2020.

Though we are saddened by the delay, we still have visual novels that are near completion. Snowhaven will be publishing those stories as standalone content. We will still be adding most if not all these visual novels to the platform, but we wanted to give our community the opportunity to play them throughout the year. 

Going forward, the Party Tales blog will be used primarily for programming development and team spotlights, but all our visual novel blogs and news will be on the Snowhaven website. To see content first on all our visual novel developments please follow Snowhaven on Twitter for sneak peeks, news, and casting calls.