Ashe is the editor here at Party Tales and has exponential experience in the visual novel and writing industry. Having developed visual novels in her own right, she is also thoroughly versed in voice acting and writing for other games.

When she’s not devoting part of her time here, she enjoys playing some classic simulation and city building games and delving into the world of crafts with cross-stitch, crocheting, and baking.

She also enjoys the company of her three cats Ada, Tali'Zorah, and Urbosa.
Courtney is the main blogger behind the Party Tales website and uses her word wizardry to bring you all the latest news!

She’s been a writer for many years now on multiple platforms, but her passion for writing and video games shines at Party Tales.

When she’s not playing Stardew Valley and the Sims, she’s reading fiction like Warlock Holmes and Harry Potter or designing her latest sewing project.

She shares her abode with her cats and a grumpy chinchilla named Riley.
Dara is the lead content and UI artist behind Party Tales. She is also responsible for reviewing and approving all of the art that our collaborators create for our stories.

As a huge fan of visual novels and dating sims such as Monster Prom, Dara is the perfect candidate to create one of her own!

She’s very keen on the multiplayer aspect of Party Tales and hopes everyone can play with their friends in real-time.

In her spare time she is busy spending time with her dog Yuna, cosplaying, and working on various craft projects.
Jacob is the producer at Party Tales and prides himself on creating an entirely unique game!

With his experience working on Dan Shredder in Hellzone, Jacob has an inclination to give strategic feedback to his team in the most honest of fashions.

When Jacob isn’t working, he’s reading Flowers for Algernon, playing Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy, and living without a sense of smell.
John is the director for Party Tales and the founder of Waddling Technology, LLC.

While Party Tales is his first foray into visual novels, he has tons of experience with large scale software development.

He is a firm believer in everyone having the opportunity to build something they are passionate about. Much of the driving force behind his passion for Party Tales is bringing a game that provides the availability of others to contribute on a larger scale.

Outside of his Party Tales work he enjoys spending time with his dog Yuna, and playing the Final Fantasy series.