Party Tales is a visual novel platform and collection designed to entertain with narrative adventures in both single player and multiplayer settings. Adventurers share a lobby where it’s highest vote wins on story progression. Create private lobbies for that small couch party game experience or open public lobbies for a wide-scale multiplayer environment.

With the desires and needs of visual novel players in mind, Party Tales will launch with three stories that are completely voice acted with multiple endings. We will release new stories in the future, and continue development to include personalization and other features beyond our initial launch.

We hope that you enjoy playing Party Tales as much as we’ve enjoyed creating it. Stay tuned by subscribing to our newsletter and following our blog for development updates. We want to meet the needs of all our adventurers, so be sure to engage with us on our Twitter, as well. We want to hear from you!

Party Tales began as a visual novel that started development during early 2016 by John Madrak, founder of Waddling Technology, LLC. After spending so much time watching his fiance Dara play visual novels, he was hooked on the genre and was inspired for his next project.

Forming a team was John’s next step. He needed a talented and motivated group of storytellers, artists, programmers, and many other behind-the-scenes contributors to bring Party Tales to reality. Telling entertaining stories became their main goal, seeking out storytellers and artists from different backgrounds to help them create unique visually and thematically diverse adventures.

Though Party Tales does take inspiration from popular visual novels and dating sims, we’ve included fun tweaks to introduce a multiplayer experience. With Party Tales you have the option of enjoying the game as a solitary experience or a social one; the choice is up to you.

Party Tales will soon be launching for the public with our first three main stories and gameplay lobby customizations. We can’t wait to share our game with you and hope you enjoy playing it!