Dev Blog 2

Hello Adventurers! We're back with another dev blog for Party Tales giving you new details on our development process! We've come a long way in our sound design and music along with resolution support for diverse functionality! Not to mention we also put out an introduction for our very talented voice actors behind Once Upon an Electric Dream

We're so excited to share these details with you, and hope you find them just as insightful!

The Sounds and Music of Party Tales

Party Tales has been carefully designed with sounds and music to reflect the specific environments and characters of our different adventures. Because the stories are so diverse, music selection reflecting themes is of utmost importance.

Our producer, Jacob, has been very selective in choosing the correct music and tone for our characters. Depending on the story and the importance of character and location to that moment in time, the music will either reflect the environment or the character's persona. 

Most of our music for Party Tales comes specifically from artist Kevin MacLeod, a prolific creative commons composer. This means that accomplished and talented composers create content to be used for free on projects such as our own. 

We are extremely grateful for these musical options when creating such diverse adventures and environments. Our top priority will always be creating an immersive experience for our community of adventurers.

Resolution Support

Your gameplay experience at Party Tales is very important to us. We want the game to work seamlessly on your devices through diverse resolution support. Our programming and art teams have been working on assets that scale smoothly but also remain functional. No matter what resolution you're playing at, everything will look as intended and will not be distorted.

Our Many Talented Voice Actors

Party Tales has been lucky to work with talented voice actors who really embrace their roles. Recently on our Twitter we shared a teaser for our talented voice actors behind Once Upon an Electric Dream. For this teaser, Dara selected a tech-infused musical composition that highlights the theme for the adventure but doesn't take away from the narrative.

In case you've been away on your own adventure, we've already put out our first Team Spotlight for Cody, one of our programmers, alongside our first official dev blog! Make sure to check them all out and follow us on our Twitter to stay up-to-date on all Party Tales news!

Our adventures are moving forward, and we hope you join in on the fun!