Dev Blog 3

Hello Adventurers!

It's been awhile since our last update, and we apologize for keeping you waiting. We've been doing some major changes on our website and expanding our content. We're still working diligently on Party Tales, and we'll be showing off another adventure soon!

Website Changes

Front Page

If you haven't seen the updated front page to our website, you're in for a treat! We've included some more details about the stories and additional information about how our voting system is anticipated to work. While everything is still a work in progress, we want to keep you updated.

Stories Page

In addition to changing our front page, we've also added an entirely new page called "Stories." Here you'll be able to find a synopsis for every story as well as details on writers, artists, and editors. This gallery will continually be updated as more stories are developed! Tell us your favorite story in the comments below!


Be sure to check out this official trailer for a first look at the multiplayer aspect of Party Tales in action. 

Now tell us, would you cut the red or the blue wire?


Along with the trailer and website changes, we've also officially launched our PatreonAll funding from Patreon will help us continually develop Party Tales while allowing us to give back rewards to our patrons. For just $2 a month of support, you get a special "Patron" role in the discord server and special, patron exclusive behind-the-scenes content.

Over time we plan to add more Patreon tiers that expand patron benefits, and we'd like to know your thoughts! Join our Discord server to give us your suggestions and feedback.

If you're looking to stay updated on all the Party Tales progress and news, follow us on Twitter and join our official Discord server to see it first!