Meet the Team Spotlight - Courtney

Learning about the team behind Party Tales is important to us, and for our newest team spotlight we have Courtney! Courtney is part of the marketing team at Party Tales and is in charge of writing the blog posts for the website. Having spent years writing for online websites and playing games, Courtney really enjoys writing all the details for Party Tales!


What is your involvement with Party Tales?

"I came to Party Tales quite late into the development. I personally have no knowledge or experience with game creation. While I do play games a hobby, my academic experience is in Business with a passion for writing. This lead me to being the blogger for Party Tales!

Though I'm not directly involved with the development of Party Tales, being able to write about it and bring information to our community is extremely fun. Because the game is on-going there's always new details I'm discovering for myself and think that others would find fascinating."

What do you find most interesting about Party Tales?

"As someone who loves social team-building games like Overwatch, the group aspect of Party Tales grabbed my interest. I do play games solo, but the thought of being able to group up with my friends and play a visual novel together in real-time is the most compelling part to me. Not to mention the stories in Party Tales are each unique, adding a change in setting that I'm so excited about!"

Fun time! What types of hobbies do you have?

"Aside from playing a multitude of games, I enjoy reading a plethora of books, sewing, dyeing my hair, and a variety of crafts. I'm also slowly improving my Mandarin Chinese language skills through Rosetta Stone in my spare time.

I'm really into Marvel and Harry Potter, so if we can consider that a hobby we can add that to the list!"

Do you have any pets?

"Currently I have four cats named Baby Ziggy, Oddball, Autumn, and Cleopatra. Autumn is my eldest cat who had two litters in her youth. Baby Ziggy (named after David Bowie's Ziggy Stardust, and his father Ziggy Sr.) and Oddball are two of Autumn's fully grown kittens, and Cleopatra was an adoption.

I also share my abode with a grumpy chinchilla named Riley, who barks anytime you try to re-arrange his cage."

Outside of Party Tales, what other writing have you done?

"I've written for a variety of game-based websites including GameSkinny and Zelda Universe, but also MuggleNet, and currently Geekisphere. Going for my Business degrees has kept me very busy, but writing has always been my passion. I've been fortunate in having a ton of opportunities to vary my writing styles to cover news, blogs, interviews and reviews for literature and games over the past eight years. But I can say, Party Tales has been the most fun to write about."