Meet the Team Spotlight - Dara

Dara is the lead artist here at Party Tales, and has been involved with every story from start to finish. With her exceptional artistic skills, she has assisted in picking the right tone, characters, and even voice actors for the adventures! 

Take a look into Dara's experience in design, and what she absolutely loves about working on Party Tales!


What aspects of Party Tales have you worked on?

"My main focus at Party Tales is being the primary artist.  For me this is working on art for each of the stories, all of the art for the website/social media/branding, and the game’s UI.  In addition to working on art I am very involved in reviewing upcoming stories, helping with voice casting, managing other artists, and general design for the game."

What have been your artistic influences for Party Tales?

"One of the unique aspects of Party Tales is that the stories feature various artists with different styles so each story has its own unique style and inspirations.  For my work personally I try and adapt my style to the other artists but when I am the only artist I would say some of my influences are from various animes/mangas (Sailor Moon, Toradora, Love Live!) and a mix of my own personal style.  I am hoping in future stories to have a more stylized aesthetic with inspirations from Into The Spiderverse and Jet Set Radio."

In your art and character design, what efforts did you make for diversity?

"Having diverse characters is something very important to me and is important to Party Tales as a whole.  The visual novel community is extremely diverse so why not highlight that in our stories? Being able to have a character you can relate to or see yourself in can change a person’s experience entirely. We hope to add more diverse characters with each story Party Tales releases."

Which is your favorite Party Tales story to have worked on, and why?

"Well my favorite isn’t announced yet :wink: but I think a close second would be the story we just announced, My Sweet Confession.  It is a super cute story that hits close to home with some of Ichika’s failed attempts at love and the art was a blast to work on.  Spookymeal (the character artist) knocked it out of the part with the characters which gave me a Sailor Moon/90s anime aesthetic which I love."

What are some of your hobbies outside of working on Party Tales?

"Outside of working on Party Tales I enjoy playing video games, sewing, hanging out with my dog, and baking!"