Story Reveal - My Sweet Confession

Hello Adventurers! We have a new story to reveal called My Sweet Confession. This delightful story has everything you could imagine. Romantic advances, entertaining characters, and a ton of comedy! 

My Sweet Confession is a charming comedy story that follows a very smitten Ichika as she tries to confess her love for her old friend Hana. The two had an unfortunate falling out in their past, and only now has Ichika understood her true feelings! 

Here's our lovable doofus Ichika, the lead character of My Sweet Confession.

Try as she might, Ichika can never quite find the right way to express her emotions. She has a very quirky charm about her, but her attempts just never work out. Only time will tell whether she can win over Hana's heart. You'll just have to party up and play this adventure to find out!

To give a little detail on the creation of this story, below is the progression in designing the school. You can see how we go from sketch to finish to bring this story to life. 

My Sweet Confession was written by Ebi-hime with character illustration by Spookymeal and background creation done by Dara

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We promise great stories are on the way! Stay tuned until next time adventurers!